Leveraging ultra high speed fiber optic lines, Turkana’s Universal Data Platform is designed to solve a major  bandwidth problem downhole tool hosting.

Turkana’s Universal Tool Platform allows for collaboration of a wide arrange of tool services while moving away from memory hosting. This service is available to run conventional tool services as well as high bandwidth applications, all in a single run.

Using a highly accurate North reference positioning system and a steerable focusing platform, Turkana is able to host enhanced survey tools/sensors while creating a full 3D geospatial model.



  • Real Time Data Conveyance

  • Ultra High Speed Communications via Fiber Optics

  • 360 Degree Steerable Platform

  • Universal Communications Host – Virtual Tool Bus

  • Plug and Play


Multi-Run Optimization – Combination of services into single runs

 Precision Aiming capabilities – ¼ degree rotational accuracy

North Seeking (Inside and outside of casing)