3D Imaging Through Rock in Real Time


Turkana is an innovative data and analytic service company offering a host of services built around it’s revolutionary imaging technology while fostering industry collaboration and integration of services through an Ultra Fast Universal Data Platform. Turkana’s portfolio of services also includes specialization in:

Who is Turkana?

Turkana was founded in 2013 with a foundation based on decades of experience imaging in the Medical, Defense, Oil and Gas, and Manufacturing Industries. It’s key goal has been the development of downhole hardware for 3D reservoir imaging and mapping. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Turkana offers it’s specialized subsurface visualization services to solve the industry problem of seeing beyond the borehole. Turkana offers specialized services in Geophysical Analysis, Reservoir Imaging, Seismic Interpretation, and Well Completions.

Turkana’s development team consists of experts in the field of borehole tool development, electronics PCB design, and software development. Turkana has developed its technology with collaboration in mind by adding in the ability to host additional downhole sensors and tools.

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